About Us

cannabis flower Full Spectrum Solutions Group (FSSG) connects cannabis companies with business solutions specializing in the cannabis industry.

FSSG is the brainchild of Ryan Bledsoe, an early cannabis activist and the owner of a small cannabis shop, Bernie's Universal Dispensaries, in South Beach, Oregon. He also owns Beach Bums Cannabis Company, a cannabis grower on the central Oregon coast, that supplies Bernie's with fresh quality products from his seed to sale operation.

As an early participant in the cannabis industry, Ryan struggled to find the right support services for his shop. He went through three point of sales (POS) products, several attorneys, and even more bookkeeping services. He learned who are the best service solutions in the cannabis industry and those companies became FSSG's affiliates.

FSSG is YOUR main business connection needed to make your cannabis business successful.Fill out our online inquiry form today.

Ryan and Tia Bledsoe
Ryan and Tia Bledsoe in front of Bernie's