Beach Bums Cannabis Company

cannabis plant Where it's grown on the 45th parallel in a small community on the Oregon Coast.

Beach Bums Cannabis Company is growing plants at all growth stages: cloning plants, growing them through vegetative and flowering stages, harvesting the flower, and curing it before sending it off for testing and retail sales. We have a smartphone app that we use for scheduling nutrient recipes and other task management.

Are your plants creating wispy flowers instead of dense buds? Or are you spending too much money on nutrients and not seeing an improvement? We can help you get your cannabis back on track.

Specializing in...
How to start a grow • How to build a grow • Get a license for the cannabis business • How to upgrade security systems • How to built a business compliant for the state • How to hire employees • How to find cannabis shops for your product

Beach Bums' Frequently Asked Questions

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How long have you been a grower?
We've been growing 10 years professionally.

What does it cost you to grow?
It all depends on the system that you use...whether you're growing indoor, outdoor, or greenhouse, etc.

How much product do you receive from a plant?
We average 3/4-2 pounds per plant indoor per 1000 watts.

What's your power bill cost per month?
$800-$1000 per month for our 3,500 square foot building.

What's your water bill cost per month?
We water 400 or so plants and use a unit of water or a 1000 gallons with the system we created.

What's your nutrient bill cost per month?
We go through about $10,000 per year (approx. $833/month) in our little grow.

Do you have to track the cannabis that you grow?
Yes, we run and track every stage of cannabis, also known as seed to sale (ie., METRC)


What kind of security do you need to have set up?
We had to customize our security and camera systems for the cannabis industry. Where there's cannabis, there are cameras!

What kind of regulations do you have to follow?
We have to comply with the most stringent standards in the United States and the Oregon Health Authority! This is one of the hardest things we've ever had to do.

How hard is it to grow cannabis?
It's very hard to grow cannabis. There are not many people out there to teach you how to do it. It's a lot of trial and error...and if you don't bring certain things together like high THC, great-looking representation, and great effects, it makes it hard to sell without good results!

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