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cannabis plant With a product that is legal at some levels of government and still a work in progress at other levels of government, and multiple government agencies involved with regulation, eventually you may need some legal advice. Whether you just need to get an expert opinion, or you need to draft up contracts or (hopefully not) go to court over something cannabis related, you may be not sure who to ask. We have been there and found lawyers that specialize in the industry.

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Legal help to start or assist your cannabis business • 420 marijuana law • contract law • criminal law

Legal Frequently Asked Questions

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Is cannabis legal?
On a federal level, it has been more or less given up to each individual state to figure out what they would like to do. Oregon has gone one way, Colorado another way, and so on. In your state, it may be legal to do some things with cannabis, and not legal to do other things. On a local level, your county or city government may have a different policy than the state.

Why do I need a lawyer if cannabis is legal in my state?
Various government agencies may impose different restrictions on different parts of your cannabis business. Navigating these legal hurdles may require a professional.