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cannabis plant When we first started selling cannabis in our retail store, we realized we needed a point of sale system. It is a must for inventory tracking and recording of sales data for tax purposes. The first Point of Sale system we used, we found it to be lacking in several critical areas. When their servers went down and our data was lost, we knew that we needed to find a better solution. We were happy to find a solution starting at $50 per month, and we couldn't be happier with the switch over. Taxes used to take hours, and now it takes minutes.

Specializing in...
Inventory tracking • METRC compliance and tax reports • Barcode print and scan • Business reports • Employee management • Timecard tracking • Dispensary websites • Multiple locations

POS/Inventory Management Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I need to use a computer? Can't I just write down receipts in a receipt book?
You can, but when it comes time to file your quarterly tax reports and you bring your bookkeeper a shoebox full of receipts, you will pay your bookkeeping staff more than the $50 per month that the point of sale system would have cost.

Is it really $50?
Yes, and it is a bargain at twice the price. There are optional add-ons if you want to upgrade.

Is this going to be a lot of work?
You can put as much information as you would like into the POS system. If you want to go to the next level you can upload pictures and get a live menu on your website, but this is not required to use the POS system for sales.

Why should I type everything into this other system, when I have to type everything into METRC for state compliance?
Through the use of an API key we are able to talk to METRC and re-entry of data is not necessary.